What is presbycusis? what to do?

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The author of this issue: Wu Songlin, a national level 3 hearing aid fitter who has been engaged in hearing aid fitting for more than 20 years, is a special guest lecturer at the Hebei Vocational Appraisal Center’s national level 4 hearing aid specialist.
“Listening” and "Speaking" is closely related. People often say that "ten deaf and nine dumb". This is because hearing impairment can easily cause language communication barriers and even psychological disorders.

If deafness is a disability, then I think it is not a single disability, but "multiple disabilities" in a sense.

Due to the inability to communicate normally, many patients with presbycusis have changed their personalities and become stubborn and unwilling to agree with others. Some are depressed, anxious, disappointed, pessimistic, and suspicious. ....

In addition, deafness is also dangerous in life!
For example: unable to hear bells and whistles, it is easy to cause traffic accidents;
Inability to hear environmental sounds can easily lead to a feeling of unsecurity, etc.

Because there are many causes of deafness, the pathogenesis and pathological changes are complex and not the same, so there is no simple one so far. Medications or treatments that are effective and suitable for any condition.

In terms of drugs, most of the current efforts are to eliminate or treat the triggers and at the same time, choose drugs that can dilate the blood vessels in the inner ear, reduce blood viscosity and dissolve small thrombus as early as possible. Vitamin B family drugs, energy preparations, and antibacterial, antiviral and steroid hormone drugs can also be used when necessary.

Secondly, mainly with the help of hearing aids, the residual hearing of the deaf people is used, and through long-term planned sound stimulation, they gradually develop their listening habits, improve their auditory awareness and auditory attention. , auditory localization and recognition, memory and other aspects of ability.

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