Health I have been suffering from neurological deafness for more than 20 years. Can it still be cured? How to prevent it?

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Nerve deafness is a common hearing disorder in clinical practice. This disease is very harmful to the patient's health and will also have a great impact on the patient's life. Many patients with neurological deafness have severe symptoms of neurological tinnitus before the onset. If the cause is not found out in time, the development of the disease will lead to neurological deafness, and when the patient himself develops ear lesions , or if there are acute or chronic diseases in the whole body, you need to pay attention to it, because these adverse factors can cause neurological deafness. Other causative factors include long-term exposure to noise in daily life, severe mental stress, etc.

I have been suffering from neurological deafness for more than 20 years. Can it still be cured? How to prevent it?

The cause of neurological deafness is often uncertain and may be caused by inner ear blood vessels and neuropathy. Comprehensive treatments such as nerve nutrition, blood vessel dilation, microcirculation improvement, hyperbaric oxygen inhalation, physical therapy and acupuncture are generally required. At the same time, quit smoking and drinking, avoid spicy food, and ensure adequate sleep. If the medical history is 20 years old, it is difficult to achieve satisfactory results from treatment. It is recommended to undergo electronic audiometry and related hearing examinations. If the standards are met, hearing aids can be worn to improve hearing.

Inner ear listening to hair cells is a type of nerve cells. Whether it is listening cells or listening nerves as long as it is damaged, degeneration necrosis after a period of time is difficult to recover. At present, various basic research and experiments do not have enough evidence to prove that human auditory cells and auditory nerves can be repaired and regenerated after long-term damage. Practice has also proven that long-term sensorineural deafness can occur regardless of drugs, surgery, acupuncture, qigong, etc. Treatments are ineffective.

How to prevent incurable neurological deafness!
1. In daily life, we should pay attention to letting some sewage enter the ears to cause infection. The most important thing is to pay attention to keeping the external auditory canal clean and hygienic. The best way is not to use unclean objects to pick out the ears. Plug your ears with clean ear plugs when in contact with water.

2. Trying to stay away from the harm of noise is another important measure to prevent neurological deafness. This is mainly because if a person does not pay attention to protecting his ears and has been in a noisy living environment for a long time, he will often become very susceptible to hearing loss. It is easy to cause damage to the auditory nerve of the ear. If not treated in time, it may eventually induce neurological deafness, tinnitus and other diseases.

3. In daily life, to prevent neurological deafness, we must pay attention to mental stability, and do not be overly nervous or anxious when encountering some emergencies. At the same time, we also need to pay attention to appropriate exercise and actively participate in various sports activities. , at the same time, you also need to pay attention to the dietary adjustment of the three daily meals. If you are prone to getting angry and causing ear diseases, you should pay attention to reducing the intake of some irritating foods. You also need to pay attention to rest to prevent overwork, Do not stay up all night.

4. If you have a disease, you must be careful not to use medicine casually to prevent the toxicity of the medicine from threatening the health of your ears. The best way is to go to a regular hospital for treatment in time. . At the same time, when symptoms of ear discomfort appear, you should not be careless. You must actively cooperate with the doctor's treatment to reduce the harm of neurological deafness.