Why is it not recommended in popular science to remove ears?

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I believe many people have the habit of picking out their ears and putting cotton swabs in their ears. Twist left, twist right, it feels really comfortable. But they don't know that picking out ears like this is very harmful. Doctors have advised you not to use cotton swabs to pick out your ears. This is a wrong behavior.

Why is it not recommended to pick out ears in popular science?

The purpose of people picking out their ears is mostly to remove earwax. Earwax is medically called earwax, which is the earwax of the external auditory canal. gland secretions. Theoretically speaking, people do not need to pick out their ears, because the cerumen in the external auditory canal can be discharged in the form of flakes by chewing, mouth opening and other mandibular movements. Moreover, cerumen is not useless waste. It has a certain protective effect on the skin of the external auditory canal, preventing infection by mold and other harmful bacteria, and sticking to dust that enters the ear canal. Moreover, the special smell of cerumen can also Keep bugs away.

There are also many people who pick their ears because of itching in the external auditory canal, or simply to enjoy the pleasure of picking their ears. Regardless of the purpose, digging tools deep into the ear canal can easily cause damage to the ear canal. The skin of the ear canal is relatively delicate. If the ear is removed with improper force, it is most likely to cause damage to the external auditory canal, infection, and boils and swelling, causing ear pain. In severe cases, it may cause hearing loss.

Frequent ear removal can also swell the cuticle of the external auditory canal skin, block hair follicles, and promote the growth of bacteria, causing the ear canal to be itchy and yellowish. It can also make the skin of the external auditory canal chronically congested for a long time and easily stimulate the cerumen glands. Secretion, earwax will be more.

In addition, because the ear canal is deep, if the tool is inserted deep into the ear canal and the depth is not controlled properly, it will touch the tympanic membrane. The eardrum is a very thin membrane, only 0.1 mm thick. Once the eardrum is punctured, the person will lose hearing. Only when some people have too much cerumen, causing cerumen embolism, blocking the ear canal and affecting hearing, is the time when the ears really need to be removed. However, it is also best to go to the hospital and ask an otologist to help clean the ear canal. With the help of an otoscope, the doctor will use glycerin to soften the cerumen and clean it without damaging the ear canal.

It is recommended that you never pick out your ears when you have something to do. Generally speaking, earwax is an indispensable part of our ear canal ecology, and normal body metabolism will help We clean out some of the unnecessary trash. If you really want toTo clean your ears, it is recommended to go to the eye, ear, nose and throat department of the hospital to consult a relevant doctor.